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Social Security Disability

Stake Your Claim For The Benefits You Deserve.

The Social Security Administration is there to help you claim your benefits. After all, you have been paying into the system for years. You’ve filled out the paperwork and spent hours to file your claim…only to be denied.

SSA Law Firm has heard this story many times.  We understand your frustration. SSA Law Firm can take your case from start to finish. We will complete and file your appeal and argue for the benefits you deserve. Let us get to work on your case today. Call SSA Law Firm today so we can start fighting to get the benefits you deserve.

If You Have Been Denied...

  • Don’t be discouraged, the majority of initial claims are denied.

  • Act quickly. You only have 60 days to appeal your denial.

  • Call SSA Law Firm for a FREE consultation today.

  • If your hearing goes before a judge, you have a right to an attorney.

  • Organize all your paperwork in one location.

  • Keep good notes on all hospital, doctor visits and prescriptions.

  • Be honest.  Don’t be embarrassed to mention all physical and/or mental disabilities.

  • Don’t be overwhelmed. SSA Law Firm can help.

  • We will make sure all of your medical records get submitted to the social security administration.

We'd Like To Hear From You.

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